7 recipes for homemade ice cream

So it’s summer with truly hot days. The only wish of the majority of adults and children – to take refuge in the shade and eat ice cream. Earlier in the shops were very few kinds of ice cream, now simply dazzled by his wealth. It’s a Popsicle, ice cream in cups and cones, frozen juice, frozen cakes and many other species. They all have a variety of fillers that not always can be absolutely safe for health.

Sometimes ice cream is too sweet, or has unnaturally bright hues. Besides ice cream, you can quickly recover. This means only one thing – in this ice cream-too many colors, added sugar, and fillers may be of dubious quality. That is why, we offer our readers a few simple recipes for homemade ice

cream . including prescription diet ice cream . You will be able to give this ice cream without fear even to a child, and take into account when preparing the wishes of family and friends.

To prepare ice cream at home is not difficult. The main thing to decide in advance what you will prepare ice cream to have all products in stock. Besides, it could be very interesting pastime for your child that will prepare him or her along with you and under your supervision. You will also need molds for ice cream that you can buy in the shops of the city. It can be conventional molds, ice cream which has the form of a Popsicle. It can also be molds, which have different shapes, and can please you, your children, as well as surprise guests.

Dairy ice cream

For the preparation of dairy ice cream, you will need a pint of milk, 3 egg yolks, a little butter, 6 tablespoons of sugar. Add egg yolks, sugar and butter into the milk, mix thoroughly, and put the mixture on the stove. Once the milk start to boil, remove the saucepan from the heat. To taste can add a little vanilla or lemon zest. The mixture is then poured in molds and cooled in the freezer.

The fastest ice cream

Have a recipe and the faster the ice cream that you can prepare in no time. For him, you will need around 250 grams of condensed milk and a pint of cream. Cream beat with a mixer, then gradually add condensed milk and continue whisking. Then divide between the tins and send in the refrigerator.

Ice cream

Cooking ice cream will take you more time, but the result is certainly worth the effort. So, we’ll need 3 cups cream 6 egg yolks 150 g sugar and a pinch of vanilla. Cream put on the stove and bring to a boil, and remove from heat. The yolks should be thoroughly mixed with the sugar and vanilla, and then carefully pour the hot cream, stirring constantly the entire mixture. The resulting mass is put on the fire and heated until thick, and it is impossible to bring the mixture to a boil so that it does not curdle. Once the mixture has thickened, remove from heat, cover with a lid and put in refrigerator for 2 hours. Next, you need to whisk the cooled mass mixer for about 3 minutes on low speed. Then put ice cream in the freezer for 2 hours, after which once again beat the mixture with a mixer for about 3 minutes. Now you need to pour a homogeneous mass in molds and leave in the freezer until fully hardened. Makes about 750 grams of delicious ice cream. When serving you can sprinkle chopped nuts or grated chocolate .

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