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Yummy liqueur at home

Liquor is one of the noblest and finest varieties of alcoholic beverages, who has a distinctive rich taste. This type of alcohol is served and in the quality of the drink, they complement desserts and used for impregnation of baking, with him doing a variety of cocktails and add as spicy notes in their coffee or tea.

In what country appeared first alcoholic drink liqueur-type

– history is silent, it is only known that the wide distribution they received in Spain, Italy and France, during the time established trade with the East.

Delivery to the European market of spices significantly enrich the taste of the product and liqueurs have become extremely popular with aristocracy. The liqueurs and the secrets of their homemade subject of this review article.

The content of the article

The concept and types

Liqueur – drink alcohol-based, containing in its composition the juices of berries and fruits, and also various additives spices, spices and herbs.

In the modern alcohol industry there are several types of alcohol:

fortified subspecies with an alcohol content of 35-40%;

dessert liqueur alcohol with an alcohol indicator in 25-35%;

cream liqueur with a bit of alcohol in 16-23%.

Depending on the fortress liquor drinks have a different purpose, but most of them make cocktails and offer as a digestive – drink served at the end of the meal and designed to improve the process of digestion.

A few words about the rules of cooking

Properly cooked, the alcohol of this type has a transparent texture (excluding beverages to egg, dairy and coffee). Some types of liquor products additionally clean fruit juices or food dyes.

It is very important to choose water – it should be soft. Therefore, in the manufacturing process of beverage it is possible to use water from natural sources and boiled.

All the fruit for the product you should choose the perfect ripeness and without damage – wrinkled berries and fruits in the basis for liquor alcohol should not be.

The distillate in the process of cooking liquor must completely cover the fruit and berries, also to better separate the juice, the capacity of the future product, it is desirable to periodically shake. The drink turned out to be transparent, not muddy in the process of cooking with liquid, you need to carefully remove all of the foam.


Recipe liqueurs individual, each species has its own recipe, which we offer you to get acquainted. Let’s learn how to make liquor at home, and also get to know the recipes of the most popular types.

About this brand of sweet alcohol like Baileys, probably heard it all: this drink is indispensable in the creation of the most original cocktails, you can add it to coffee or tea, use as a topping for ice cream and other desserts.

Cheap this variety can not be called — the average price per bottle starts from 700-800 rubles, but why spend your own money if you can make a Baileys liqueur at home and without much hassle?

Shop Baileys is of several types, including a Baileys coffee and even peppermint, but the best taste features the classic kind, whiskey, cream and alcohol. The recipe for this drink and we will share with you.

For recipe Baileys you will need the following ingredients:

a bottle of quality whiskey or vodka with a volume of 0.5 l;

heavy cream (at least 30%) – 350 grams; regular condensed milk – 250 grams;

the vanilla sugar .

Chill the cream in the fridge and then whisk until stiff with a mixer;

Pour the packet of vanilla sugar and continue whipping process – the sugar should completely dissolve in the cream;

Condensed milk enter into the mixture in small portions while whipping – in the end you should have a fairly dense mass of a uniform cream color;

Not stopping hair mass, pour in the whiskey or vodka. And again, whisk until homogeneous;

Carefully pour the drink in the bottle and leave to infuse for a few days. During infusion of periodically shake the bottle – it is necessary to avoid formation of precipitate.


Another popular variety is the dessert of alcohol is liquor Sheridan, which also can easily make at home.

The basis Sheridan are two mixes – coffee-chocolate and vanilla cream and a special art you want to pour the drink into glasses, not allowing the mixture layers blend together.

They should form two equal halves of different colors. Learn this art together.

For the white part of the Sheridan you will need the following components:

1.75 cups of fresh milk;

a full Cup of cream;

honey (product must be liquid) – two glasses;

3 fresh chicken eggs;

white chocolate 70-100 grams;

packet of vanilla sugar;

full glass of good whiskey (preferably Irish variety).

Melt the chocolate in a water bath, and cool slightly – pour in the milk;

Eggs beat in a separate bowl, whisk in a thick foam and add to the milk and chocolate, there also add cream, liquid honey, sugar;

The last ingredient in the mixture is whiskey after you poured it into the General mass, whisk it until stiff with a mixer. The mixture should reach a uniform and fairly dense;

Pour the prepared white liquor in the bottle and put away for insisting in a cool place.

Sheridan infused on average about 3 weeks.

But the cooking process is not completed – you need to cook and coffee part:

Take a deep saucepan with a thick bottom, put on the fire, pour a liter of water and pour it 800 grams of sugar and 20 grams of powdered caramel;

Melt products on the fire until smooth and remove pan from heat to cool;

After half an hour, add to a mixture of 200 grams of instant coffee and stir; In a separate bowl, whip out a bottle of rum 0.5 and 15-ounce bag of vanilla;

Now mix coffee and caramel syrup and rum solution among themselves, pour into a bottle and put on the infusion for three weeks, as the white part of Sheridan;

Once both parts of the infusion, pour them in a dual capacity, or simply when serving, pour the milk and coffee (also be sure to take turns) into the glass.

Coffee liqueur Sheridan at home ready!

Liqueur Cointreau loved throughout the world for a pronounced orange flavor. This sweet French alcohol is good in quality distintive and as a treatment for cakes and other baked goods. To make Cointreau liqueur on their own at home can even people inexperienced in cooking.

You just need to mix in certain proportions (determined from individual preferences):


lemon zest;

and a sugar alcohol syrup,

add spices to the mixture and infuse the product in a cool dark place for about six hours.

Homemade alcoholic orange liqueur to taste no different from the French original.

Banana liqueur

At home you can cook and banana liqueur is a classic ladies ‘ component of cocktails.

Banana good alcoholic drink and as a topping for ice cream and fruit desserts, and preparing it is quite simple: in a blender whipped ripe bananas, eggs, two kinds of milk – condensed and normal and vodka.

When the mixture is whipped to a total homogeneity – it is poured into bottles and leave for about 12 hours.

As you can see, to make home-made liquor is relatively difficult. Enjoy your cooking and eating!

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Liquor at home Baileys
Yummy liqueur at home Liquor is one of the noblest and finest varieties of alcoholic beverages, who has a distinctive rich taste. This type of alcohol is served and in…