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It is no secret that many don’t like milk, but if you add ice cream or fruit, drink it with pleasure even the most finicky kids.

But prepare milk shakes also need to correct and, as it turns out, not all products can be mixed in milk shakes.

There are some secrets of milkshakes that will help to make delicious milkshakes.

Main component, of course, is milk. Perfect for cocktails will be pasteurized. If cook children’s cocktail – choose all natural products, but not milk drinks from powder.

When lactose intolerance in children cow’s milk substitute soy, low-lactose or dairy natural yogurt without filler.

The main rule of milkshake is the basis for the cocktail must be cold. Warm milk whipped worse, not get air. Therefore, before preparing the milk keep in refrigerator and add ice cream is one of the important components of a milkshake.

Like any dish, milkshake has its classic recipe . and from it already happen all the varieties of milkshakes.

So, 1 Cup of milk and I take 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream, 5 strawberries or 0.5 banana and 1-2 teaspoons of syrup. Everything is whipped in a blender on medium speed until smooth.

If desired, replace with vanilla ice cream pistachio, and banana – peach syrup you can substitute your favorite jam, here too the space for imagination and taste!

Blueberries gives the cocktail the color purple, and raspberry – soft pink.

For lovers of exotic fit this Megamix: strawberry + coconut.

But whatever fruits and berries you didn’t mix, remember: child fruit components should be soft, not tart, not sour and without bitterness. Many moms prefer to use for cocktails prepared fruit puree jars as baby food manufacturer guarantee safety.

No matter in what sequence the added ingredients for cocktails, but the subtleties of whipping is still there.

If you are going to prepare a cocktail of fresh whole fruits, they are crushed preliminarily in the blender. And then strain through a sieve. You need to stir for about 15-30 seconds for the drink hit the air.

Serves milkshake immediately after preparation.

Some tips for serving:

For a delicious and fun edging:

In a deep bowl place egg whites and dip the edge of a tall glass, then dip them in colored sugar.

After the cocktail is poured into the cups of whipped cream make a delicious hat and decorate it with fresh berries (you can use fresh-frozen).

The glass can be put strawberry or another berry at the discretion. Don’t forget the straw!

That does not add to the cocktail?

In a milkshake for children it is not recommended to add orange, pineapple and kiwi because of the presence of the acid, which can lead to colic.

For children’s cocktails are not desirable syrup from the store. The syrup is cooked at home:

sugar and water take in equal parts, bring to the boil and add the stick of natural vanilla. You can also add lemon zest and cinnamon. Cook for 5-7 minutes, cool.

Chocolate cocktail add only grated (I use it in the drink), but if the chocolate melt and add, it instantly hardens and clog the straw.

Cocoa powder, not added to a milkshake, as it swells in cocktail and gets stuck in the straw.

The pre-fried peanuts, crushed, to decorate a cocktail.

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Delicious recipes for you
It is no secret that many don't like milk, but if you add ice cream or fruit, drink it with pleasure even the most finicky kids. But prepare milk shakes…