Apple pie – flavored treat for children and adults





Aromatic Apple pie on the table to gather the family together. Year-round

entertainment, and cooking costs — at least. The most noble and generous cake, of course, apples. The presence and the Four Seasons, the speed of learning and elegant result.

Grateful for the consumer the luxury of the table is perceived ceremony hostesses — special honour.

If a woman knows how to bake an Apple pie, his authority in the family is increasing. In modern life, full of stress that can be better than a cozy family tea with the aroma of fresh bread? Fragrant Apple pie brings back memories of childhood, and is a true symbol of the fireplace. Simple is not surprising that for training, but surprisingly delicious Apple pies are so popular throughout the world.

The variety of flavors Apple, is one of the best fruit in the world.

Delicious raw, baked apples to receive special tenderness, it is not surprising that almost all the national dishes are baking with apples. Apple pies like in Russia, Poland, Germany, France, great Britain and America. Although the implementation always involves a heavenly fruity taste these delicacies can vary greatly in terms of cakes in different countries use different base.

For example, the famous Austrian Apple strudel puff test or extract, which is the basis of English cider block pastry, Russian classic Apple pie pirogiYablochny — one of the most popular desserts in the world of the test, and in France at the time were invented back Apple pies from the air biscuits trips.

Furthermore, Apple pie combined with spices, nuts, jam, raisins, dried fruit, chocolate, cheese, various creams and confectionery glaze. So, we can at least every day pampered Pets various pastries with apples, and never again. With apples very well blended spices, like cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, nutmeg.

Fresh notes of Apple pie by the cautious addition of lemon or orange peel.

Almost every family has its own «signature» Apple pie recipe. Typically, these recipes are not complicated — in cooking, an Apple pie to withstand even the most inexperienced cook. It is no coincidence that many are beginning to learn how to cook Apple pie with that are virtually impossible to go wrong. Usually used to prepare simple tests new recipes, such as traditional Apple Charlotte-based pastry or Apple strudel puff pastry testaSloenoe: lace dress , bought in cooking.

More experienced cooks prefer delicious Apple pie recipes from shortbread, biscuits, cheese or paths.

Time to prepare such delicacies takes longer but the result is worth it. The most luxurious cider glaze decorated cakes connected by air or soft meringue pudding and turn them into true works of confectionery art. The right choice of raw taste and smell of Apple pie depends primarily on its implementation.

Although some recipes include the use of only steam fruit cake, usually tastier than apples installed.

When this option is very important in fruit — apples of different varieties may differ substantially from each other. Apples sold in stores are usually treated with chemicals — which are stored for a long time, but their taste is weakly expressed. To prepare the Apple pie as possible, it is preferable to use aromatic apples from the garden fence, or at least from the market.

The best varieties of apples for pies deservedly considered known Antonovka.

Light green fruits are sour in taste and smell great. When heated, the apples of this variety is very relaxed, becoming a fine puree. It is based on the preparation of Antonovka many traditional sweets such as candy, jelly, pies the air. Ideal for cakes and bright green varieties of apples Semirenko with a sweet-sour taste.

The skin of these apples as the variety Granny Smith, rather thick and tough — to fill cakes it is better to use the peeled fruit.

Sweet red Fuji variety apples, McIntosh, Red Delicious, Gala and Pink Lady are good raw, but they are not very suitable as a filling for pies. Get much tastier biscuits with the winners of the juicy Apple varieties Jonagold or glory. It should be borne in mind that different varieties of apples have different strength.

So, summer apples to spoil after two to three weeks, the fall cannot be stored until winter, and winter varieties, to get the full taste only a month after the removal, but it may not be until the next harvest. Traditional pie dough, believed to be the most subtle and fresh Apple pies, obtained from yeast dough. About the comparative difficulty of cooking to compensate for great taste and delightful aroma of this pie.

For the dough you need two grams of flour, fifteen grams of fresh yeast, one hundred and fifty milliliters of milk, eighty grams natural butter, sixty grams of sugar, one egg and a pinch of salt.

In warm milk, add yeast, sugar, salt and half of the flour and leave until bubbles. Then add the remaining flour to the dough, melted butter and egg stir well and leave in a warm place, covered with a cloth. When the pastry to expand in volume by two times, washed once again and generate divided into two unequal sized parts. The majority of pathways and forms that make up the ledge.

Place on top of Apple filling and garnish bars test flagella.

The cake was soft and fluffy dough before baking of course, stands ten to fifteen minutes. Proven dough should be lubricated using a cooking brush with beaten egg and bake for half an hour at one hundred eighty-two degrees. The stuffing for open yeast cakes obtained from the corresponding aromatic sour varieties of apples, peeled and cut into small pieces.

If you want, you can send apples to suffocate in its own juice dry pan with sugar. Add the filling from the bottom cinnamon emphasizes the delicate Apple flavor. A small amount of spices can be added to the dough.

Apple pie dough testaDrozhzhevoe tastier in the form of heat. It is best to drink this fragrant bread freshly brewed tea. Sponge

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