Cinnamon for weight loss recipes

Imagine you went into the house of the beloved grandmother. In the air the scent of sweet cinnamon rolls. Such a warm and familiar from early childhood, a smell that brings a smile and warms from the inside. And remember the taste of baked Apple with a delicate aroma of spices or serving of hot chocolate with a subtle smell. Would you be able to refuse any of these dishes? What if we tell you that cinnamon can become your faithful companion on the warpath with the extra weight? Incredibly, Yes? While she can. And so, how to lose weight using cinnamon?

Cinnamon: delicious and healthy or eat harmful?

Diet on apples, oatmeal or buckwheat no longer surprising. But about the benefits of cinnamon for weight loss heard one. Find spice markets and stores, we can in two variations: in the form of powder and sticks (in fact, this wand is a piece of the bark of an evergreen tree). The spice is widely used in the treatment of diabetes due to their unique effects on the body: cinnamon copes with the stabilization of sugar levels in the body. In connection with this feature of the application she was found and in dietetics. We can tell about the beneficial properties of cinnamon for weight loss, and you can just remember 2 important fact “for” spice breaks down fats and prevents from the formation of excess glucose. This is what the doctor ordered.

Are there any contraindications for losing weight with cinnamon? Exist. The main rule of our whole life is to find balance. Including, do not overdo the use of cinnamon for weight loss. No need to eat tablespoons and wait for a miracle. Incidentally, spices contains coumarin, a substance that can harm the liver, if you do not know the measures. Pregnant is not worth thinking about diets, and even more about the method that may cause uterine contractions.

Video about the benefits of cinnamon

Lose weight cinnamon: what is the secret?

And that, actually, with the miracle spice to do to achieve results? How to drink cinnamon for weight loss? Or maybe no one there? Questions are very relevant, let’s find the answers.

You can use ground cinnamon for weight loss and sticks. To add spice you can in tea or coffee, mix it with honey and even with yogurt. Try to limit your consumption of sugar. Replacing him will be perfect cinnamon. The main rule — maximum 0.5 a teaspoon of spices for one meal. By the way,the essential oil of cinnamon is also used for weight loss. Body massage with cream and 4 drops of oil will tighten the skin and display of the toxins.

We give examples of the most popular recipes with cinnamon for weight loss, and you will be able to complete a final opinion on this method of getting rid of extra pounds. How to take cinnamon for weight loss?

Recipes for weight loss

Honey and cinnamon

For the preparation of vitamin ambulance in a glass of water (hot) add 1 tsp of honey and 0.5 tsp of ground cinnamon. Drink this drink you need every morning before eating. Water with cinnamon for weight loss improves the functioning of the body, cleansing the bowels. It is best to drink a mixture in a cycle of 2 weeks, punctuated by 10-14 days.

Tea with cinnamon

Recipe of tea with cinnamon is extremely simple, so you don’t have to spend time looking for the ingredients. Need not so much:

0,5 tsp spices;

favorite tea.

Cinnamon will help you to overcome unhealthy sweet tooth. Add a spice to your tea and enjoy. Sweets will want much less checked. It is especially nice to drink tea with cinnamon for weight loss before bedtime. Instant relaxation and sweet dreams are guaranteed.

Cottage cheese with cinnamon

Cottage cheese in tandem with cinnamon is a great combination for weight loss. Add a pinch of spices 200 g low-fat cottage cheese and eat really tasty Breakfast dish. The cinnamon in this case, use instead of sugar. Such substitution will positively affect the taste of the dish and on the figure. If you think that cottage cheese with cinnamon is too dry, you can add 1.5 tbsp 10% cream (focus on the fat content!).

Apple cinnamon

If you want to indulge in sweets, but you are on a diet, let us consider the most simple and useful of the desserts. The Apple cinnamon is an excellent dish for weight loss due to the minimum in calories. You can bake the fruit in the oven, and you can just cut and petrusite cinnamon on top. You will be satisfied with the most popular combination in cooking.

There is also the option of drinking Apple cider drink with cinnamon.

1 sweet(!) Apple;

the cinnamon stick;

purified water.

Chop or grate the Apple slices. Pour 1 liter of water from the filter. Add 1 cinnamon stick. Leave the mixture for 2 hours in the cold. Regular intake of water can completely replace the use of Apple drink with cinnamon.

Cinnamon with yogurt

Add a little cinnamon to the Cup of yogurt, and a light Breakfast will be ready! Drink drink on an empty stomach. You can indulge yourself with delicious buttermilk and night. Dairy products significantly help in the fight against obesity, because they raise the metabolism that will come in handy for losing weight.

The network is very popular one recipe for the brave. You should take 200 ml of yogurt (low-fat!), add crushed red pepper (just a pinch) and spices — 0.5 tsp. of cinnamon and ginger. All products are mixed and at any time convenient to enjoy fresh mixture. This cocktail significantly reduces appetite.

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Cinnamon for weight loss recipes
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