Diet 6 petals

In search of alternative dietary advise to pay attention on the Swedish diet 6 petals. For those who are afraid of the mono-diet, but believes in their effectiveness, nutritionist Anna Johansson has developed a new revolutionary formula of weight loss. Thanks to its effectiveness diet 6 petals gained popularity around the world. What is the secret diet?

The principle of the diet 6 petals

Food combining allows you to not mix proteins with carbohydrates. The body is waiting for new products, they do not arrive, it idles at, spends calories from own stocks, and burns fat.

When a multi-day diets the body gets used to eating and goes into energy saving mode, the weight ceases to decline. But this diet to get used to the diet the body does not work, because every day a new product.

Obligatory alternation and strict adherence to the sequence monomethionine stable weight reduction a minimum of 400 – 500 gr. a day.

Mono diet 6 petals: sequence

Day 1 fish, 2 vegetable, 3 meat, 4 th – cereals, 5th – curd, 6th – fruit. Day 7 docking result of unloading on the water.

Hang it on the fridge chamomile with 6 petals, each petal shall describe the menu of mono and write 500 grams. The day passes, Daisy loses her petals, and You lose a pound of excess weight. Bright flower will cheer you up, and give strength for the next day.

Menu diet 6 petals

For cooking you can use salt, but in limited quantities so that excess moisture does not linger in the body’s cells. To prepare meals have dietary ways, nothing fried. Allowed the use of herbs and spices.Every day drink at least 2 liters of fluid. Do not change mono diets in its sole discretion, it will ruin the concept of the diet.

Diet 6 petals fish day

Fish lull of the body. Useful polyunsaturated fatty acids in fish are not deposited in fat, fish protein is well absorbed by the body.

500 gr. cod divide into 2 parts. Breakfast cook fish broth with parsley. If cod is not to your liking, choose other low-fat fish, it is not excluded the use of different kinds of fish a day, as long as its weight does not exceed half a kilo. The broth with the fish staying for dinner. For dinner you can cook fish on the grill.

Diet 6 petals vegetables day

Vegetable carbohydrates are lower in calories, they are difficult to digest, the body operates and consumes energy, subcutaneous fat melts.

The daily intake of vegetables – allowed 1.5 kg. even potatoes. For Breakfast boil 2 potatoes, prepare salad with vegetables and add salt and greens. In the afternoon prepare fresh juice from the tomatoes or smoothie pumpkin. Dinner – vegetable stew. The food is cooked without adding oil.

Diet 6 petals chicken day

You can give preference to lean beef, but chicken product available, low-calorie, delicious. Chicken breast without the skin will make up for the protein deficiency. The lack of carbohydrates in the diet will encourage the body to transform the stored fats to carbohydrates.

500 gr. chicken Breasts, divide into 2 parts. Boil chicken broth with herbs, chop the meat in the soup. The soup can be eaten in the morning and in the afternoon. Bake for dinner meat with spices.

Diet 6 petals cereal day

The digestion of grains and vegetables is energy, so the fat melts. Complex carbohydrates cereals will replenish glycogen expended during the previous day.

On the day allowed 1 Cup of cereal is about 200 – 250 gr. Breakfast cook slimy rice soup with greens. You can snack globcom, to wash down the homemade brew. About this day can be made in advance and to grow wheat grains, to eat for lunch or dinner. It is better to cook Kuleshov than eating dry cereal.

Diet 6 petals cheesecake day

The curd will enrich the body with minerals, high quality proteins. 500 grams of tarovaraclae for 4 meals. Allowable milk.

Diet 6 petals fruit day

Fruit will replenish polysaccharides. The norm of fruits for a day or 1.5 kg. For Breakfast, prepare a fruit salad, season with its vanilla and cinnamon. In the afternoon prepare smoothies from fruit. For dinner, bake apples or pears.

To fix the result will help fasting day on the water. Some suggest that you resort to cheating, that is, to arrange a holiday belly, the reward for works, but then there is a risk to reduce the diet results to zero. Any mono-diet requires the correct output, to reduce the stress on the body, so it’s best not to stuff myself with chocolate and bread rolls, to persevere, to hold the seventh day in the planning of a new style and update your wardrobe.

Diet 6 petals: the result

So as not to harm the body enough to lose weight 3 pounds in 6 days.

Method of weight reduction based on the alternation of protein 3 and 3 carbohydrate mono-diet. If you take 6 days on one chicken or some vegetables difficult and unsafe for health, the Swedish diet 6 petals spares psyche, easily tolerated by the body, depression does not threaten You. Every day a new menu, what more could you dream of!

How to get out of diet 6 petals?

Diet 6 petals can set You on further weight, it will be enough to go on a balanced diet a healthy diet. In 6 days the volume of your stomach has shrunk, so the body is given a great start. If the result is minus 3 kg suits You, during the week, gradually return to your normal diet.

Diet 6 petals: harm

Observe the sequence of the daily value of the product, do not sit on the mono-diet for more than 6 days, please be cyclical, drink water, then the diet 6 petals’t hurt.

Diet 6 petals: reviews

On the Internet you can find a lot of positive feedback regarding the efficacy and tolerability of the diet 6 petals. Women happy safe health result in minus 3 – 5 kg per week. The negative reviews associated with weight following the rules of healthy eating at the end of the course of diet.

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Diet 6 petals
In search of alternative dietary advise to pay attention on the Swedish diet 6 petals. For those who are afraid of the mono-diet, but believes in their effectiveness, nutritionist Anna…