Ginger tea for weight

Ginger tea for weight loss is one of the supporting tools . which you can use along with the healthy diet and exercise to accelerate your metabolism and help your body to burn fatty tissue.

Ginger tea is effectively used for weight loss because it contains vitamins C,a, B1 and B2, amino acids and essential oils. as well as phosphorus, iron, calcium, sodium and

zinc. Because of this it is very useful.

Useful properties of ginger tea :

— improves digestion

— detoxifies

— a diuretic

— has a diaphoretic and anti-inflammatory effect

— helps to maintain energy throughout the day and recuperate.

With this tea you can vary the list of drinks that you consume during the day, and with such useful properties, it will be a good helper in weight reduction.

Like many special drinks ginger tea has a number of contraindications, if you have one or more of them, it is better to abandon him, not to ruin your health.

Ginger tea for weight loss contraindications

— ulcer, gastrointestinal diseases

— Allergy

— high blood pressure

— pregnancy and lactation

In any case, before to drink ginger tea it is best to consult with your doctor.

Preparation of ginger tea for weight loss

There are various ways of cooking ginger drink. you can buy fresh ginger root and brew. slicing it thin strips; you can use the dry powder of root ginger; you can buy ready-made tea with ginger is a matter of taste. Try all possible options and select the most suitable for you.

Ginger tea for weight loss recipes:

If you decide to try making your own ginger tea for weight loss, it is useful to know the following. when cooking can and should use a variety of useful additions. honey, rose, cloves, cinnamon, mint, lemon, etc.

It is also worth noting that ginger root can be stored in the refrigerator for a very long time, so you will always have time to use it, albeit in small quantities.

The basis for the preparation of ginger tea:

Take ginger root cut into thin strips, put in a thermos and pour boiling water for a while. Proportion. 20-30 grams of ginger 2 liters of water.

You can also boil water, put sliced ginger root, in the same proportions and boil for 15 minutes on low heat, cool. and after that, you can add honey and lemon.

The basis for ginger tea can be mixed with black or green tea. add in herbal teas and all sorts of additives to your taste.

How to drink ginger tea for weight loss

Ginger tea can be drunk throughout the day in small portions, in between meals, or 1 Cup for 20-30 minutes before meals .

The only thing that in the evening of his admission it is better to limit, as it has an invigorating effect.

Prepared ginger tea for weight loss to buy is not difficult. But better to do it in a trusted specialty store or online store.

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