Green tea with ginger healing effects

Shape of release and method of use

Filter bags

1 filter bag (2 g) pour 1 Cup (200 ml) of boiling water for 5-10 minutes, squeeze the filter package. To take adults and children over 14 years: 1 Cup of infusion 2-3 times a day during meals.

Ginger is a cure for fatigue, ailments and all the excess

Ginger is a spice that came to us from the East. It was there that it was

called universal medicine that kindle a fire. It’s true: spicy taste and aroma, warming effect, tonic properties really can be compared to a flame that flares up in your body.

This is a salubrious, pleasant fire. It will keep you warm during a cold and will cause the disease to retreat without the use of other drugs. It will allow you to be vigorous, strong, energetic throughout the day. It will relieve fatigue and relieve pain. And he will burn all what you think of excess: fat, toxins, bad cholesterol.

Ancient remedy has not ceased to be relevant in our days. It does not compare its effectiveness with other herbs or spices, ginger must be in your home.

Why ginger is better than other tools

Ginger tea for many parameters is better than other tools with similar effects. For example, in the prevention of colds recommend the garlic. It is really an effective tool, but the odor does not allow to use it when you want. Another thing — ginger tea, after which no smell remains.

And as a means for weight loss ginger tea is ahead of many others. Among natural remedies it is in the first place. It does not cause digestive disorders and improves all processes in the body, after his admission improves the condition of blood vessels, as it reduces the level of cholesterol. Ginger is good for the heart, it stimulates circulation, and in men, improves potency.

Ginger tea is so easy!

How to use ginger? Dig up the root of the bizarre, clean it, wash, chop very finely, brew in a thermos. All this is too long for the modern man who appreciates every second.

The best remedy is ginger tea from the company, “Health”, which is already packaged in bags and which is very easy to brew at any time. One sachet is for one Cup of water. It should be brewed with boiling water, a little let stand, and then you can drink.

Isn’t it, this method is more convenient and faster than the traditional approach? And yet it’s still the same amazing ginger, with the same remarkable properties. Ginger tea, thus obtained, is used for the treatment of colds, and for weight loss.

Ginger tea is so delicious!

But what about the taste? And then ginger teas rose to the occasion! First, the bags are available in two types: in some ginger combined with black tea, others with green. You will be able to continue to drink the kind of tea to which you are accustomed.

Secondly, in a flavored drink you can add other ingredients to improve the taste. The easiest way is to sweeten it with sugar. But much tastier to drink ginger tea with honey, the more that it is more effective for those who are watching their figure.

If you study containing tea and ginger recipes, you will notice that almost always it is proposed to add into the drink of a lemon. There are also more exotic ways to prepare this tea with peppers, garlic, orange juice, and jam. The proper choice for you.

Slimming tea: proven effective

Ginger tea for weight loss — it’s not just empty words. This drink really helps get rid of extra pounds and maintain the perfect shape.

How does it work? Ginger has the ability to stimulate some digestive processes. In particular, it increases the production of lipase — the enzyme that breaks down fats. Therefore, from the foods you ate that day, as fat is deposited is much less.

And yet, this slimming tea helps reduce appetite, which is why it is suggested to drink before eating. Especially good in this respect, tea, sweetened with honey, it can completely replace dinner or snacking between meals.

Ginger tea will help all who are dieting, transfer restrictions on food and speed up the process of weight loss.

Ginger tea: a recipe for every day

It is quite clear how to prepare ginger tea recipe is very easy and simple to perform in any conditions. Another thing is to understand when and how much of this drink you need to drink.

Ginger tea is a beverage which can be drunk every day. It does not cause any side effects, if you follow a certain measure. For dieters, this can be a few glasses a day: before each meal instead of snacking. For those who simply lead a healthy lifestyle, getting enough to drink one serving at any time.

The only limitation is to try not to drink it before bedtime as it is very invigorating and can cause problems falling asleep. The last portion can be taken 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Ginger against colds is a strong weapon

On ginger tea reviews give not only ordinary people, but doctors. Many recommend it as a reliable means of healing.

During colds, respiratory it can be drunk as a preventive measure. The high content of vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system, increases resistance to disease.

If you are still sick, tea will help to recover as quickly as possible. It has diaphoretic, expectorant, antispasmodic, warming effect. And agree that during this unpleasant period, it is better to drink a delicious and aromatic drink than to swallow pills, which often have a long list of side effects. Want to really take care of their health? Then ginger tea is your best weapon against colds.

When to start taking ginger

Are you tired of those extra pounds, thus spoiling your silhouette? You want to forget about strict diets, after which come the rapid breakdown and the pounds come back? Are you afraid of constant colds? Then start taking ginger tea today!

We order tea drink that every day will work on your figure that will make you stronger, younger, more energetic. Everything is in your hands, take the first step and make a ginger tea, it will do the rest for you!


Individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, breast feeding, high blood pressure, insomnia. Before applying are encouraged to consult with your doctor.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry, protected from sunlight, out of reach of children at temperature not above 25 0 C.

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