How to cook meringues

Different types of meringue.

Cakes and various desserts using meringues) are considered “more advanced”. Probably because not all decide to use it in their cakes and just skip the recipe using meringue (meringue). And actually it is a cheap, simple, long stored and simply delicious dessert.

Meringues) is used as the base for cakes and mousse as the middle layer, separating different taste layers, and also as a decoration for Tartu or mousse.

The first thing we need to understand what types of meringue (meringue) there are (briefly):

• Classic French (French meringue)

The most famous meringues). The combination of the number of cups of sugar with/or powdered sugar with twice the amount of protein. Mixed and in the oven at somewhere 110C (at the beginning). In some cases, after covering the cake, put in the oven on the grill (200C) for a few minutes, to buy out the color or gas-fired burner.

Below you may find a more detailed explanation of cooking all Marengo.

• Italian (Italian meringue)

Put the sugar on the fire with a small amount of water to produce caramel (we need 120C). Before you bring the caramel to the desired state, beat the powdered sugar with the protein. When caramel is ready, pour a thin stream in a rotating mixer with proteins.

• Swiss (Swiss meringue)

The whisking egg whites with sugar occurs in a water bath (Bain-Marie ) until light and heated condition (53-55C), and then another 10 minutes in the mixer (at fast speed). Then in the oven (100C for 3 hours).

And small deviations

• Marshmallows (Marshmallow) – the foundations of the Italian meringues) with the addition of gelatin. This helps to obtain air and a viscous consistency at the same time.

• Dacquoise (Dacquoise) French meringues) enriched with grated almonds or walnuts. Weight nuts

1/3 of the total mass of proteins with sugar. Hardness dacquoise more brittle than normal meringues) and less sweet.

Move on full recipes meringue (meringue)

French meringues)

The usual array of the following ingredients:

6 proteins (240 g), i.e. the eggs were “Selected, marking «»” or from England Large (L)

Available with 1 tsp. Cream of Tartar (crèam of tartar)

1 ¼ tbsp (240 g) sugar

2 tbsp (240 g) powdered sugar

1. Heated the oven to 110C.

2. Beat whites and cream of Tartar (cream of tartar) to the third stage (soft peaks).Explanations about prostudio whipping egg whites see below in the section: the Stages of whipping egg whites .

3. Add sugar gradually and continue to beat until solid phase peaks.

4. Before you add the sugar – strain through a strainer, to avoid Method… «folding» stir in the powdered sugar into the whipped whites.

5. Put in pastry bag and lay out the desired shape

6. Put in the oven for 1.5-2 hours.

Test for readiness: meringues) dry, dense, and easily separated from the cooking paper.

Following is a live example from Concord cake

Ingredients for 3 “pancakes” French meringue (meringue) with cocoa with a diameter of 26 cm and 3 meters thick strips 2 cm.


9 proteins (360 g), i.e. the eggs were “Selected, marking «»” or from England Large (L)

1 ½ Cup (275 g) sugar

3 1/3 cups (400 g) of powdered sugar

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