Hot cocoa with marshmallows

How best to start the morning? Of course, with a Cup of fragrant, hot and delicious cocoa. How to make cocoa soft sweet, cause-enveloping sensations? It’s very simple: add marshmallows! The idea to try the hot cocoa with marshmallows marshmallows (although, it’s not even Zephyr, but more on that later) came to me from the outside. Who

has not heard of or seen in movies, advertising, cartoon or Christmas card inviting Cup of cocoa with air marshmellows, dissolved in a hot drink. And so many times found in movies made in the USA roasted marshmallows: scouts in the campaigns treat strung on skewers and roast it on a fire.

Once again, seeing somewhere this confection, I decided the curiosity of real sweet tooth took over and, passing the showcase with colorful marshmallows, it was no use to think about that and use them no and that they are not particularly cheap. I had to try it, need it! The next morning in anticipation I went to brew cocoa with milk. When the drink was ready, I threw back a handful of marshmallows, and…yeah – this is really delicious, so delicious that I want more and more and more. The marshmallows are melting outside, into a weightless foam, and the inside remains soft-chewy. And all this to the accompaniment of delicious cocoa. In short a real ecstasy of his mouth. If the morning is overcast, if the mood is so-so, if problems or just want to please yourself – prepare yourself a hot cocoa with marshmallows marshmallows!

cocoa powder – 6 tsp.

sugar – 1 tbsp

milk 500 ml.

marshmallow – 30

How to make hot cocoa with marshmallows marshmallows?

1. In a separate bowl, mix 6 teaspoons of cocoa with 1 tablespoon of sugar (you can add more sugar). I do not cook too sweet cocoa, because marshmallows and so very sweet.

2. Pour the cocoa powder with sugar in small quantity of boiling water or hot milk. Mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass. This is done so that in the drink then avoid lumps.

3. Meanwhile, in a saucepan or other suitable cooking cocoa pot bring to boil the milk. Then pour the resulting mass of cocoa into the milk. Mix. Reduce the heat and let cook for another 2-3 minutes.

4. To get marshmallows.

It remains only to pour cocoa mugs and top it with marshmallows.

Bon appetit!

Did You know?

Marshmallows often in Russia called marshmallow or marshmallows, but actually marshmallow recipe is more like a marshmallow (with no eggs). With this marshmallow sweetness generally has little to do, in part marshmallow no egg whites, no applesauce. That is why the taste of marshmallows and marshmallow with some external similarity of the two sweets so much different.

Marshmallows are made from sugar or corn syrup and gelatin. All the ingredients in a hot condition is whipped to the consistency of tough foam, then cool and roll spongy pads in the powdered sugar and starch. Interestingly, the name “marsh mallow” is translated as “marsh mallow”, better known as Althaea officinalis. This is not an accident, as initially as the basis marshmallows were gooey white mass obtained from Althea. We can assume that in those days these marshmellows quite possible to treat a cold or sore throat. Modern marshmallows were first released in the USA in the 1950-ies the company Kraft.

Recipes with marshmallows

Marshmallows used in the preparation of desserts, salads, ice cream, and also as decoration of cakes and pastries. One of the most famous recipes was introduced in this topic: hot chocolate, coffee or cocoa with marshmallows. Heated the marshmallows soften and begin to melt. Well, back to the most traditional way of cooking in the USA – the Browning sweet lozenges at the stake in the campaign or just in the evening in the backyard. Threaded on a skewer pieces increase, melt and covered with a fragrant caramel crust. The addition of marshmallows, make confectionery fondant, to decorate and cover cakes, moulding flowers and other edible figurines.

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