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The healing properties of Tea

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1. Heart. Tea acts on the heart as a “superficial” level – caffeine stimulates heart activity; and “deep” – contained in Tea in a large amount of potassium is vital for normal functioning of the heart muscle.

2. Vessels. Tea strengthens blood vessels and capillaries, making them more elastic and flexible, which is especially important for older people who have blood vessels become fragile with age and permeable. It is proved that green Teas and Oolongs not only prevent the deposition of fat and of fatty substances (lipids) in the blood vessels, but also destroys already existing fat deposits. Here is a powerful anti-sclerotic effect of Tea.

Tea normalizes the functioning of the entire cardiovascular system as a whole. Tea speeds up the circulation by dilating blood vessels in the brain and heart. When vegetative neurosis and hypotonia (reduced pressure) recommend black tea normal or slightly elevated fortress.

3. Tea is a wonderful diaphoretic . and sweating is known to be very helpful. First, for better thermoregulation; secondly, for removal from the body of all impurities.

4. Teeth. Regular drinking of tea has a preventive anticaries effect, strengthens the enamel of the teeth due to the content of trace elements such as fluoride, calcium, phosphorus, etc.

5. Gastro-intestinal tract . Tea in General has a beneficial effect on the gastro-intestinal tract, antiseptic, bactericidal, wound healing and normalizing effect, neutralizes toxins. But note that few tea increases the acidity of gastric juice, which is undesirable in cases of stomach and duodenal ulcers and hyperacidity gastritis. The ulcer, and just suffering from hyperacidity should not drink strong tea. Curiously, for my ulcer black tea’s healthier . than green, because green is more “aggressive”. When used in the treatment of ulcerative order green tea, it is recommended to let it ripen within 9-14 months. and only then to drink. This “old” green tea has a milder effect.

6. Tea has a mild diuretic effect . that allows you to successfully use it as a decongestant for edema of cardiac and renal origin. Of course, there is no competition green tea is medium bodied and consumed in moderation. In addition, it is estimated that 1 Cup of green tea daily reduces the risk to have kidney stones by 10%, and 5 cups per day — 60%.

Moderate diuretic effect of Tea in combination with its balancing and healing effect on the gastrointestinal tract, makes tea a unique tool for cleansing the body from toxins and so on. filth.

7. Since tea contains tannins, and it has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, antibacterial — it can be used to treat lesions of epithelial tissues . A classic example is the treatment of Tea ocular inflammation. Very strong tea can be rinsed fresh wounds. The action of tea is deep. There is a recipe for a poultice for bruises, sprains, dislocations, which acts not only as an analgesic but also as healing; causes swelling subsides, rassasivaetsia hematoma (bruise) obtained in trauma. Tea has burnproof action, including sunburn. Using freshly brewed green Tea, it must quickly cooling with a cotton swab and apply liberally to the burned skin. The more often you repeat this “washing”, the faster the effect will be felt. And to protect against sunburn should just regularly consume quite a large amount of green Tea.

8. Still unclear and the mechanism of the anti-cancer activity of Tea. The fact that such anti-cancer activity of tea has proven in many countries. The basic assumption about the mechanism of anticancer action of Tea is reduced to its blood-purifying properties to the ability of tea polyphenols to actively bind and excrete foreign substances-carcinogens. In addition, Tea also strengthens the immune system . which significantly reduces the risk of occurrence of malignant neoplasms. Tea is able to rid the body of radioactive substances, therefore, doctors recommend to drink it even after (during) a long seat under the TV or monitor, because it’s too light!

9. Tea is a unique tool for cleaning the body . In addition to the radionuclides and cancer cells tea rids the body of toxins, chemicals and drugs, assists and clean from any kind of drugs, including nicotine and alcohol. To take Tea together or immediately after alcohol is not recommended, as fresh alcohol forms in conjunction with Tea harmful aldehydes, which are harmful to the kidneys.

In passing we note that it is better not to drink alcohol at all potions, because good Tea and bad vodka don’t mix. The ancient Chinese drank Tea as a substitute for wine, in the 19th century tea saved from the rampant alcoholism of the English nation, and in the early 20th century — Swedish. During the reign of Peter I in Inns a glass of vodka was equivalent to two cups of strong Tea. Think about it!

10. Tea is a wonderful remedy for various respiratory diseases. It enhances urine and perspiration that cleanses the body. Is antipyretic, increases pulmonary ventilation, warmth and disinfects the nasopharynx, heal-heals a sore throat. Cold and flu Tea is greatly enhanced if it is combined with herbs (lime, mint, oregano, thyme, etc.), lemon, honey (cranberries, raspberries, currants, etc.) and balms. If there are no high temperatures, for the treatment of colds Tea can be consumed in any quantity (the more the better!). However, at high temperature tea can not be abused, because it causes excessive strain on the heart and kidneys.

11. Pregnant women are advised to drink no more than 2-3 cups of green loosely brewed tea – in this case Tea will be useful (with overdose of caffeine can make some serious morning sickness, so be careful!). It has a beneficial effect on smooth muscles (adjusts the tone of the uterus). The Japanese found that women who BEFORE PREGNANCY regularly drank Tea, give birth to bigger and healthier babies. Besides Tea improves nutrition and increases the activity of the fetus in the womb. Tea contains the most desired fruit of minerals and vitamins.

12. Tea is a natural stimulant of the nervous system of a person with moderate toning, but a fairly long lasting effect. It should also be noted that in comparison with coffee, the stimulating effect of Tea is more uniform and long-lasting. So, toning coffee is manifested in the first 1-2 CC of tea lasts about 6 hours, in the first half hour, reaches a maximum (though less than coffee) and stabilizes very slowly decreasing in the next 4-5 hours.

Also note that in addition to seumanutafa tonic, Tea has on the nervous system and long-term action. This happens not due to the caffeine and this combination of vitamins (mainly b group) and minerals (e.g., phosphorus) contained in the Tea. This action harmonizes the nervous system in General, it normalizes the activity, making it more resilient to extreme and unexpected stimuli.

13. Tea is a mild stimulant that enhances and accelerates many mental processes. In order:

1) Tea sharpens the operation of the analyzers (especially vision) and generally increases the sensitivity and susceptibility of the nervous system;

2) Tea increases the speed of reaction;

3) Tea promotes absorption and retention of new information;

4) Tea facilitates concentration, enhancing its stability, distribution and switching;

5) Tea accelerates the process of thinking and especially is associated with creative thinking and generation of new ideas.

Tea has anti-stress effect . good and after the stress, because it replenishes spent the vitamins and minerals, restores strength.

Tea is also a kind of antidepressant . moderately increasing the background mood. However, if you drink a lot and quite strong tea, it may be the effect of so-called “tea drunk” . which is accompanied by euphoria and signs, similar to those that occur in mild intoxication — the ease and nonchalance, cheerfulness, foolish, talkative, funny, etc. etc. With the “tea drunk” should be careful because it may be harmful to your health (especially if you are suffering from something chronic).

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