7 recipes for homemade ice cream

So it’s summer with truly hot days. The only wish of the majority of adults and children – to take refuge in the shade and eat ice cream. Earlier in the shops were very few kinds of ice cream, now simply dazzled by his wealth. It’s a Popsicle, ice cream in cups and cones, frozen juice, frozen cakes and many other species. They all have a variety of fillers that not always can be absolutely safe for health.

Sometimes ice cream is too sweet, or has unnaturally bright hues. Besides ice cream, you can quickly recover. This means only one thing – in this ice cream-too many colors, added sugar, and fillers may be of dubious quality. That is why, we offer our readers a few simple recipes for homemade ice

cream . including prescription diet ice cream . You will be able to give this ice cream without fear even to a child, and take into account when preparing the wishes of family and friends.

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Diet 6 petals

In search of alternative dietary advise to pay attention on the Swedish diet 6 petals. For those who are afraid of the mono-diet, but believes in their effectiveness, nutritionist Anna Johansson has developed a new revolutionary formula of weight loss. Thanks to its effectiveness diet 6 petals gained popularity around the world. What is the secret diet?

The principle of the diet 6 petals

Food combining allows you to not mix proteins with carbohydrates. The body is waiting for new products, they do not arrive, it idles at, spends calories from own stocks, and burns fat.

When a multi-day diets the body gets used to eating and goes into energy saving mode, the weight ceases to decline. But this diet to get used to the diet the body does not work, because every day a new product.

Obligatory alternation and strict adherence to the sequence monomethionine stable weight reduction a minimum of 400 – 500 gr. a day.

Mono diet 6 petals: sequence

Day 1 fish, Continue reading

Medicinal properties CA

The healing properties of Tea

Select a category:

1. Heart. Tea acts on the heart as a “superficial” level – caffeine stimulates heart activity; and “deep” – contained in Tea in a large amount of potassium is vital for normal functioning of the heart muscle.

2. Vessels. Tea strengthens blood vessels and capillaries, making them more elastic and flexible, which is especially important for older people who have blood vessels become fragile with age and permeable. It is proved that green Teas and Oolongs not only prevent the deposition of fat and of fatty substances (lipids) in the blood vessels, but also destroys already existing fat deposits. Here is a powerful anti-sclerotic effect of Tea.

Tea normalizes the functioning of the entire cardiovascular system as a whole. Tea speeds up the circulation by dilating blood Continue reading

Ginger tea for weight

Ginger tea for weight loss is one of the supporting tools . which you can use along with the healthy diet and exercise to accelerate your metabolism and help your body to burn fatty tissue.

Ginger tea is effectively used for weight loss because it contains vitamins C,a, B1 and B2, amino acids and essential oils. as well as phosphorus, iron, calcium, sodium and

zinc. Because of this it is very useful.

Useful properties of ginger tea :

— improves digestion

— detoxifies

— a diuretic

— has a diaphoretic and anti-inflammatory effect

— helps to maintain energy throughout the day and recuperate.

With this tea you can vary the list of drinks that you consume during the day, and with such useful properties, it will be a good helper in weight reduction.

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Harm from dark chocolate more than good

What compliments do not sound today to address dark chocolate and heart-that it protects, and the mood lifts, and cavities from not afraid of him, and lose weight with it – a pleasure. But now British scientists have questioned the benefit of this popular treat.

As the researchers note, biologically active substances, reducing blood pressure and the antioxidant in chocolate with high cocoa content does more than milk or white. However this variety is the most nutritious and most unhealthy saturated fats, which raise cholesterol levels in the blood (which, as known, a direct path to cardiovascular disease). According to estimates of the British, only 40 grams of chocolate with a cocoa content of 85% carry 227 calories and 12 grams of saturated fat – more than half of the allowable daily intake. And it almost negates all of its healing properties.

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