Ginger tea

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Ginger tea

Ginger – a powerful antioxidant. Has analgesic, resolving, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, healing,

bactericidal effect.

Effective in renal, intestinal, biliary colic and various types of pains in the abdomen. Has healing effect on the digestive system, is a good stimulator of the formation of gastric juice and the production of bile.

Ginger tea has been successfully used for colds, flu, diseases of the throat. And also – when you cough, bronchitis, lung disease, sinusitis. Has an expectorant effect, warming effect.

A daily Cup of ginger tea will help to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, strengthen the cerebral vessels, and improve blood circulation.

Ginger tea – slows down the aging process by stimulating the metabolism, helps fight stress.

Popular this drink and for weight loss, as tends to accelerate metabolic processes.

INGREDIENTS: ginger root, Kuril tea, red brush, honey, saffron.

Ginger is used to prevent various respiratory diseases as it strengthens the immune system. Drink ginger are a great warming agent because it significantly increases the total metabolism of the body (the same effect is widely used in the fight against obesity). Ginger well against disease-causing bacteria, has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.

Particularly beneficial ginger affects the blood vessels, strengthens, and purifies them, reducing the level of cholesterol contained in the blood. Is a good help in the treatment of atherosclerosis and enhances memory. Reduces pressure. Well affect the performance and regular intake gives renewed strength and vigor. Serves as a prophylactic against thrombopathy and stroke.

Kuril tea has diverse healing effects on the body. The infusion of the plant has immunostimulating, antiviral properties. Potentilla shrub normalizes liver function after severe poisoning. This happens due to the rapid elimination of foreign substances and reducing the activity of an excess of peroxide compounds harmful to the body. Tea has a positive effect on the nervous system and promotes the normalization of metabolism.

The basis of the positive effect of the red brush is a glycoside salidroside, which activates onkoprotektor, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious and adaptogenic properties. In addition to gynecological diseases red brush is used in diseases of the kidney and thyroid, adrenal dysfunction, cystitis.

NET WEIGHT: 50,0 g (25 filter bags 2.0 g)

METHOD of APPLICATION: 1 filter-pack add 0.5-1 Cup of boiling water. Leave for 5-10 min.

The drink can be consumed without respect for any dosage as the herbs included in the collection in quantities that do not have a pronounced therapeutic effect.

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